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Louis vuitton Louis Vuitton2015 vacation is in bags, Louis vuitton has always been an indicator of luxury bags, bags are always popular classic Monogram service series, of course, we also see men show knot patterns Series whether will become the focus of the LV future fashion logo?Holiday system is free personality, colorful product style.This quarter off with diamond grain, box and bucket elements, metal element, Monogram service series joining together to explain new bags series.Louis vuitton brand Logo on the decrease, many brands to mark.At the same time, Louis vuitton online website have been sold well.
On January 22, 2015, Louis Vuitton 2015 qiu dong series of men's fashion week in Paris.Menswear designer Kim Jones seems to pull us back to the idyll of the middle ages, people advocating nature, arts and crafts, with thick totemism.
Menswear collection is black and the color is even more this season have red blue gives a person with a feeling of not pretending to simplicity, style are the basic routine but fine detail is done in place, but also practical raincoat texture of brief paragraph jacket, these elements may be and Kim Jones "nomads" childhood, where he once lived in Africa, since three months began his journey around the globe, visible Louis Vuitton bags of the season and is simple and easy, more didn't do too much on the structure design, there are many big and side pocket bag surface, handles the lambs wool is very warm appreciation design, is one of the most interesting in the last year Alexander Wang made "brush pot" to Balenciaga bag, Louis Vuitton also played the "double backpack" concept, it seems that self-serious brand also has a hip side, but I believe in the Louis Vuitton it seems that everything is in order to more practical and more people-oriented, so it is much less fancy.
Show of the season in the most surprising is that like a python rope weaving totem pattern, its frequency even more than the classic Louis vuitton Monogram service pattern, menswear designer Kim Jones seems to pull us back to the idyll of the middle ages, people advocating nature, arts and crafts, but also with a thick totemism.
Kim Jones is steady to win this time, fewer young all the colours of the wind LV still can make you look good, color of the season continues past series of dark and sedate, a novel totem warm opening is ubiquitous Male standard double-breasted coat, the other abstract weaving totem, like tropical foliage clings to the body, with a strong original feeling design some jump on the suit some and combined with a suit, really is to let the human eye before a bright!Can imagine in this series of Paris ronin and Lv MOBS are how to pull breeze.
Really is a component of unlined upper garment deserves as autumn sheet is tasted, Kim Jones is ready, you known, the high quality cashmere wool fabrics is closest to the water will be lax, whereas this season Lv will knit by lowering the shoulder line appear similar to the way of joining together of the profile modification of the fleece, revealed the avant-garde fashion in the little details, also means that the Louis vuitton men's going into a sign of fashion?
The rise of the mid-century jacket High waist line is more and more make you more sexy
Moment this jacket will make people think of the French man image from the 50 s, they always wear in the leisure party with a small jacket lapel with open button shirt do match, and this season's Lv so waist line is to improve the jacket revealed after the narrow inside take, administrative levels, coupled with the cross "twins" bag, dynamic show.
Must run, short jacket is made of a kind of wandering between will and serious in the modern workplace charming gentleman image, is Kim Jones for a new reform of modern men's image, is also his review of the male image. [the Obama down cotton-padded jacket, arrived in Paris runways
Nearly a few years there is no lack of men's wear industry of feather clothing design and innovation, but like Lv performance of so fashionable avant-courier is very rare, feather jumpsuits or waist jacket, this profile can't pick the perfect body, not only that Kim Jones, as we also show the down jacket with trousers for trendy collocation method, as a stylish men if you can't wait until next winter?Tomorrow, you can try it!
Earth tones and red combination is really popular, waterproof charge can not only warm warm clothing fabrics on texture nor lose jeans and jacket, shoulder design naturally falls out of the profile to let a person plaint, ski-wear, could play the same original. "Overlapping backpack details make you a talent"
Overlap with the Monogram service leather is nifty and restore ancient ways, square bag packaging SLR is also the bang-bang drops.
Backpack is not only a practical give priority to, the two back together, the size of a match, look like from the back shoulder belt good nifty.
Brooches accessories to clothing accessories with a thread of buttons, ponder without limit, like mother's hand, full of childish all kinds of love.

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